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01.50cm Blue CAT5E UTP RJ45 To RJ45 Network Cable
02.2m 3.5mm Male Stereo To Red & White Male RCA Audio Cable
03.3m Green CAT6 UTP RJ45 To RJ45 Network Cable
04.5m Green CAT6 UTP RJ45 To RJ45 Network Cable
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Product information

2m 3.5mm Male Stereo To Red & White Male RCA Audio Cable

2m 3.5mm Male Stereo To Red & White Male RCA Audio Cable
2m 3.5mm Male Stereo To Red & White Male RCA Audio Cable
Used to connect a stereo 3.5mm out (Ex: Apple iPods audio out) to stereo RCA inputs (Ex: Audio in on a hifi system or TV).
* Connector or adapter type: 3.5mm stereo male plug to colour coded red (right channel) & white (left channel) RCA male jacks.
* Cable length: 2 meters.
Model/SKU: 002-0249-WW-AV-35MM-RCA2M
In Stock: 20
Manufacturer: Wicked Wired

Computer Components
    Cables And Connectors
        AV Cables And Adapters

Added: Tuesday 15 March, 2011
Price: $2.18
RRP: $15.00
Weight: 0.30 kg/s
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Manufacturer Info
Wicked Wired Wicked Wired
Wicked Wired Homepage
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